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Presentation by Steven Erra and Nori Mizukami

This Saturday, June 14 at 7pm, Foro Culturl 81 will host a presentation by the sight impaired New York City photographer Steven Erra  and the Japanese filmmaker Nori Mizukami. 

Steven Erra will introduce the technique of painting with light, a technique popular with some blind photographers around the world; Mr. Erra's work  has been shown in Paris, Moscow, Rotterdam Holland, New York City, Caracas Venezuela, Seul South Korea,  Sweden,  Santiago Chile, and several Mexican Cities, including Mexico City.

Additionally, the Japanese filmmaker Nori Mizukami  will screen two of his short films: 18 Seconds,  and Perception Trailer. Further, there will be a screening of the short film  Light Mind, by the Chinese filmmaker  Jie Yi; her film was recently nominated for an award. Yi's film deals with the photographer Steven Erra and his experience in making art.  This presentation will be in English.

Nori Mizukami is currently in Guanjuato shooting a documentatry film project involving Steven Erra.

Steven Erra's work is currently being featured at Foro Cultural 81.

Foro Cultural 81 is located in Positos 81,  between the Alhondiga and the Diego Rivera Museum.