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Opera With Brince Presenta: Arabella de Richard Strauss. Intro: Vince

Febrero 2,  de 5 pm - 8 pm, en el Foro Cultural 81, Positos 81, Zona Centro.

Music: Richard Strauss
Libretto: Hugo von Hofmannsthal

This elegant, charming opera is an old -fashioned fairy-tale with an updated twist. Set in glittering 19th century Vienna during the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph, 
it tells the story of impoverished aristocrats who are attempting to find a wealthy match for their elder daughter, the Arabella of the title. She, however, has her own ideas. 

For this opera, Richard Strauss (not to be confused with Johann Strauss the Waltz King) composed one of his loveliest scores. It contains his distinctive soaring melodies, a famous duet and, yes, waltzes inspired by that other Strauss. 


Signori Branko Deronja and Vincent Castaneda are Canadian classical musicians who hold degrees from the University of Toronto and the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto. They are known as Guanajuato's Opera enthusiasts. The name "Brince" comes from the combination of their given names: Branko/Vince.

Since 2010 "Brince" has been regularly hosting Opera-appreciation evenings in the city of Guanajuato intended for small gatherings of friends.

Opera is a layered, complex art-form. It is the extraordinary combination of several distinguished arts: Music, Drama, Visual Design, and sometimes Dance. Because of this, it has been called: "the Greatest of the Arts." Yet many people find it an intimidating, daunting genre. 

Drawing upon their knowledge and experience as musicians and teachers, together with their sheer passion for Opera, it is the intention of "Brince" to make Opera more accessible, approachable and enjoyable for all; to share its riches with neophytes and aficionados alike. 

Through their informative yet casual and comprehensible analyses, "Brince" teaches that besides its musical aspects, Opera also possesses historical, emotional, psychological, symbolic and even spiritual aspects. From this, you will discover that Opera is much more than aloof esoterica or mere entertainment. Ultimately, it is a great artistic expression of the Human Experience. The Story of Us All. A Universal Song. A compassionate acknowledgement and validation of Our Lives, Loves, Conflicts, Hopes and Dreams. Let us come together to explore ourselves through this "Greatest of the Arts."

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Maestro James Demster