Friends of Foro Cultural 81 is a non-profit  US foundation dedicated to the promotion, discussion and appreciation of Culture, the Arts and Sciences for the benefit of society and the people of Mexico. The foundation's organizational mission is to promote, sponsor and support the community through a wide range of interactive educational programs, presentations and sustainable initiatives that are of the highest quality. Foro Cultural 81 hopes to accelerate the dismantling of boundaries between disciplines and to further the Cultural exchange between Mexico and The USA. Via information technology, we hope to make the happenings of  Foro Cultural 81  accessible to  an even  broader  audience. As the brainchild of two scientists with diverse interests encompassing the arts and sciences, Foro Cultural 81 hopes to bring together under its roof entities from various disciplines. 


Foro Cultural 81 is una asociación civil con El objetivo de promover la exposición de la ciencia,  el arte, y la cultura en general, para el beneficio de la sociedad guanajuatense. Otro de su objetivo  es acelerar el intercambio cultural entre México y EEUU. Foro Cultural 81 cree en el desmantelamiento de las fronteras entre las varias disciplinas, y avanzar el intercambio de ideas en diversos niveles.